23 April 2008

a picture for us...

jonas christopher bare...

lura just sent this out...he is so sweet!! and he nursed today! pray he can come home soon!

21 April 2008

baby bare is here!

at 7:01 am on april 20th, my sister lura gave a very speedy delivery to jonas christopher!

she had back pain for about 24 hours...but no "real" contractions...then she and her hubby go to the birth center (in reading) at 4:30am. 7.5cm dilated! two hours later, they need to head to the hospital...meconium in the waters (yuck...) baby boy delivered at 7:01!!! craaaaazy! i can't imagine things happening so fast!!!!

why no photos, you ask? well, our little guy is currently in nicu, so please pray. he is ok...just a "foggy" lung and in need of some oxygen and antibiotics. (he inhaled some of the yucky stuff) but i can't imagine not being able to hold my baby! hopefully, today chris and lura will get to hold their big boy (8lbs. 10oz! 21" long!!) and nurse the little guy!!! i am so happy for my sister...she is so caring and kind...and a woman after god's own heart! baby jonas is headed for a wonderful home!!!

congratulations, chris and lura! i love you so very much!

10 April 2008

10 x 10

{i'm hi-jacking the 10 on 10 project via ann-krestene and jen. enjoy!}