25 April 2007

why i love coffee and other ramblings

i don't know if it was too much coffee or the 80 degree sunshine outside, but i felt so motivated the other day that i completely cleaned out my closet of fabric/yarn/patterns/junk, organized it, planned a fabric/yarn swap with some friends (wanna come? email me!), downloaded some free patterns and started sewing again! oh the joy!!! i will post the finished pieces soon (i need some buttons first!) it feels so good to finally be organized with that stuff!

so...with the love of coffee comes the problem of hot weather and hot drinks...therefore, i am a HUGE fan of the iced coffee. don't care if it is too american...just love it. so i brewed myself a pot of yummy coffee, dumped in a bit of sugar and milk and the refrigerated it for a bit...had a glorious day!

on other news...
we spent sunday in washington, dc. what a great day. it was 85, hot and sunny! we loaded up the car, packed some pb&j and hit the road. two hours later we are in the national building museum, home that day of the Smithsonian Womens' Committee National Craft Show. we were visiting our friend, Rebekah Diamantopoulos...amazing stuff. after fun with the D family, we headed over to the mall at the smithsonian for snacks at a fountain and a fun ride on the carousel...

she makes me so happy!!!

so...after a long ride home, too expensive bottled water and a really wonderful day, we all came home tired tired tired.

except for eli. he has not been sleeping well....

maybe i need to lay off the coffee....uh oh.

23 April 2007


so i figured out the posting problem and it was no fault of the machine...more like my reading skills. how embarrassing...or as stella says (thanks to grover in "there's a monster at the end of this book")....oh i am so embarrassed!

yeah, well...i'm coming into a new understanding of myself...one that may take way to long to delve into and probably is not interesting to anyone but myself.

you see, i was always told i was/am smart, etc. but you know what...i'm lazy! yep, that's it. i've just sat back on my heels and let folks tell me that i'm interesting or creative or intelligent...and truth is...there's not much proof to that...so i'm going to try to make some pudding...(get it...proof is in the pudding...yeah i know...)

so here is to a new attempt and a new view for myself...one in which i am actually a bit more proactive in my own life. i do think i may have half a brain and might actually be able to use it. here's hoping!

try again

here are the kids on easter...


so...i've been trying to post photos, and i can't. some wierd error message pops up and i can't find the answer for the life of me. then i try to post just blah blah blah...and same thing. so if this actually posts, at least you'll now i tried!

12 April 2007

trouble with titles

oh geez...just had a melt down over what to call this stupid thing. realized why i haven't written anything in about 12 years. total fear of man...am i original? (is anyone?) did someone else already do that? (probably) am i being authentic? (probably not) who am i??? (oh for crying out loud!!!)

so thanks to lots of encouraging talk from hubby, i have chosen a name and will stick with it for better or worse.

picking up purls.
when i knit, i get sloppy. sometimes i drop stitches accidentally. sometimes i have to rip it all apart. i hate picking up purls. its just hard for me to do.

purls=pearls=wisdom (that whole thing)
i hope to find some..if i do, i'd like to buy it whole-heartedly...

alright. that's that.

that's something, at least!

11 April 2007

in the beginning...

upon the request of dear friend, rachel nyssen, this blog will now be set forth into motion...

looking forward to writing....