09 October 2010

wooly things

so, remember that excited post that ended with some great fall knitting? remember shalom, knitted in wonderful cascade ecological wool? well, what you hadn't seen, was that same yarn knitted into a complete back of a central park hoodie. then frogged. then set aside. then knit into an entire body of shalom. and now?

it just isn't what i want right now! i want this. aidez. a slouchy, comfy, somewhat rustic looking fall cardigan. but, eco wool won't work. so i'm waiting. and knitting a basic cowl out of therapeutic malabrigo. that stuff does wonders for a girls hurt knitting ego.

ps. that's the same yarn i knitted the mara shawl out of for rachel. she needs to send me a photo so i can share!!!

what are you knitting right now?

i found a cute knitting poem online for the kids. and it's seasonally appropriate, so enjoy!

Knitted Things
by Karla Kuskin

There was a witch who knitted things:
Elephants and playground swings.
She knitted rain,
She knitted night,
But nothing really came out right.
The elephants had just one tusk
And night looked more
Like dawn or dusk.
The rain was snow
And when she tried
To knit an egg
It came out fried.
She knitted birds
With buttonholes
And twenty rubber butter rolls.
She knitted blue angora trees.
She purl stitched countless purple fleas.
She knitted a palace in need of a darn.
She knitted a battle and ran out of yarn.
She drew out a strand
Of her gleaming, green hair
And knitted a lawn
Till she just wasn’t there.

06 October 2010


well, i've been slightly obsessed with mastering some bread. i've abandoned my zoji as i've embraced the dough hook on my hand-me-down-industrial-version kitchen aid mixer. my mom gifted me a stoneware bread pan from pampered chef, and voila. i love this one - 100% whole wheat sandwich bread. delicious. holds up well to toasting, plain butter, or ham and cheese! stella still prefers "fluffy white bread", much to my dismay. however, she happily munches away and slice after slice fo this recipe (sorry, no photo, as the loaf is down to the end...maybe next week.)

1 1/2 c. warm milk (tepid)
1 3/4 c. bread flour
3/4 c. white whole wheat flour
3/4 c. whole wheat flour
2 tbsp. butter
1/2 tsp. salt
1 1/2 tsp. yeast

i place the warm milk in the bottom of my mixing bowl, then add the remaining ingredients as listed. using the dough hook, mix for 8-10 minutes on med-slow. let rest 5 minutes. mix again for 5 minutes. transfer onto a lightly floured surface and knead by hand for 4-5 minutes. place dough into a lightly oiled glass bowl. i cover it with a damp dishcloth and place it in the oven with the light on for 45 minutes. punch down, replace cover and let riser for another 25 minutes. form into a loaf and place into lightly oiled bread pan. cover, and let rise 30 minutes. preheat oven to 425 degrees. i place a metal pie tin in the bottom as it is heating. 5 minutes before i place my loaf in to bake, i pour about 1/4 cup warm water on the pie tin, to get the oven steamy. place bread in oven and immediately turn oven down to 350. bake for 20 minutes. turn load 180 degrees. bake another 20 minutes. we normally dive right in at this point, but feel free to let it cool!

the 100% whole wheat sandwich bread, adapted from peter reinhart’s whole grain breads recipe is found over here. it is SO good!

anyone want a bread maker? i think i'll get rid of mine now!

01 October 2010

happy october!

i really feel like i wake up in october.
especially this october 1st.
pouring rain all day and night yesterday, but muggy.
then we wake to cool, crisp and cloudy.
since i've been away for so long, i thought i'd share some photos from the day. we had lunch next door at the pizza place and then went to weaver's orchard with nana. it turned sunny and breezy. absolutely beautiful! we came home with quite a haul of apples for pies, pumpkins for pies, decorating and carving, apple cider doughnuts, apple fritters, broccoli and tomatoes, acorn and butternut squash. can you tell i love fall??? we have a birthday coming...(someone will be 8!) and an anniversary (11 years!) i will try to keep you posted. i'm hoping to get back into the swing of this blogging business. i miss it, actually!
hope you are having a wonderful first of october!


some farm animals at the orchard...nana loved this one!

cute bunnies...

i loved this goat on its...goat ramp? if i had a barn, i'd have goats and i'd have a goat ramp, too.

little pumpkins, big pumpkins.

pumpkin picking...

eli wanted a "humungo" one!

thank you, nana, for a wonderful day! we love you!!! xoxox

oh, and, some fall knitting...shalom(ravelry)(free pattern found here)!