30 June 2007

just a funny thing...

so eli likes, no LOVES, to play with phones...all of 'em. but especially cell phones. he also loves to go into the bathroom and try to play in the toilet. yep. gross. so we all now try our best to keep the door and lid shut, but you know...it doesn't always happen. so yesterday, he grabs my phone from the kitchen and starts crawling away (have i told you how fast he is???) i jump up, and go after him, trip on the phone wire (don't ask) and see him going into the bathroom. as i turn into the bathroom i hear "kerplunk"...cell phone in the potty. yep. gross. i was a nervous mess thinking it was ruined (my last cell phone fell into a river while canoeing...ruined.) but thankfully, this morning...it turned out just fine and is all better. phew.

he is such a little rascal! just loves to laugh and stick out his tongue...and do whatever his big sister is doing (like trying to jump on the bed...hmmmmm)

so just had to share that.

off to make pancakes. love saturday mornings....but miss the sound of chris playing guitar quietly in the living room...he'll never believe me! but i do. (10days...)

have a good day, folks! will post my late night sewing projects later.

27 June 2007

where has the time gone?

well...i don't really know, so i will just give you the short run down instead!
chris left on tour yesterday...that day is always hard, especially for stella, but things are improving today (phew). i need to know how other mama's handle this...ann krestene... does ellanor break down??? stella is a mess EVERY time. it's awful. tears, sobbing, stomach aches. my poor girl. i'm trying to keep her busy with fun things like swim lessons, visiting friends and family, maybe a movie this weekend (ratatouille maybe???)

before that...well, i don't even know! i've been working on my quilt for my quilt class (dick and jane fabrics by michael miller - no photo right now to share) as well as my quilt for the doll quilt swap II. have a little sneak peek. i can't show it all, as it is a secret!!! but those mamas at the swap are quite something...my partner and i seem to have so much in common...it's killing me! i want to know how much thought was put into pairing up the quilters. anyway, i am doing some foundation piecing from patterns i got in the mailorder from kingpod those little square were so much fun - kind of addicting!

but then...my sewing machine is kaput. yep. snappying threads left and right, jamming. ergh. i love my 401a, but is it time to update? plus i want to machine quilt and don't know if it does that. i'm such a stinkin' novice. any advice????

alrighty, so when the machine broke, stella and i did these (she did most of it...i did the ironing on):
for daddy: a rocket ship (based on a story he made up for her)

for herself: rainbow kitty and a map to magical places only rainbow kitty can go...?

i'll post these up to the project of the month's site too..fun!

eli is now walking all over the place and cutting more teeth - JOY!
but this is my favorite. he walks over carrying his shoes
signs "more" and sits down for me to put them on him! he loves them! and his new favorite toy is a birthday gift from aunt lauren...he now makes mmmmrrrrrrrrrmmm sounds!!! i love it!

one last thing to share...stella has been amazing me with her drawings. check out these birds (i hope chris is reading...) she did these completely on her own. a mama bird with babies flying behind her...i think they are gorgeous! very graceful and dancy...

i mean she's only 4...as my friend loren and i say...it's because she's gifted...because all of our kids are gifted...just sayin'.

25 June 2007

due to technical difficulties...

i will blog soon...

something is screwy w/ our dsl...they're sending a tech. hopefully i'll be back soon! i have lots of photos and news to share...just can't from work!

you'll hear from me soon!

16 June 2007

in over my head...

whew! what a weekend...and it's only saturday!

thursday started it all w/ a follow up visit to eli's g.i. doctor. he didn't like how little eli gained (again) and scheduled an endoscopy to biopsy eli's stomach monday morning. i freaked out. there are no symptoms except low weight gain to signify such a procedure (which includes anesthesia, intubation and biopsying the tummy)...nope not doin' it. no way. i refused. which brings me to my now diligent schedule of feeding eli. i will fatten the boy. i will feed him stuff he will eat at every meal. if that means brocolli for breakfast, by-golly that's what he'll eat.


then stella got a cold. yep, again. fever, cough, runny nose. the whole works.

and we are babysitting my 3 nephews at my sisters house in PA till sunday. shoulda been fun. instead, tired and boring for the kids, as stella is sick, and i'm stuck inside w/ her. today was supposed to be a trip to charis' wedding shower...but can't go. chris took the "big boys" (aka brennan and landis) to papa's house to do some mulching and tree-trimming. hopefully tonight we can do campfire hotdogs and s'mores. we did watch the spongebob squarepants movie last night. chris and i both thought it was funny. ashamed to admit that, a bit.

ok...seems like i'm rambling on. must need an ear.

also realized today that i missed my very best friends birthday this week and i feel like crap. happy belated birthday, rachel...i hope you enjoyed yourself and i hope to talk to you soon! i love you!!!

alright...i'll stop whining...
big sigh.
i'm gonna go do some laundry. yeah!!

10 June 2007


i'm a list girl and i'm in need of one...and i thought putting it here might make me a bit more accountable.

so here goes.
1. i must clean up the living room from the yard sale disaster. monday am. no ifs ands or buts.
2. gift for charis' shower...handmade?
3. sign up stella for swimming lessons
4. buttons for the hausfraukleid...finish it dangit!
5. send photo to tie-one-on
6. more t-shirts for the project of the month
7. stella's dress
8. doll quilt for swap
9. doll quilt for the doll quilt challenge
10. batteries for the camera
11. time to think...
12. walden stuff (aaaarrrggghhh!)

alright...enough for now.
check out the new flickr photos to the left here...

join project of the month. c'mon. do it. peer pressure. i want you all to do it now. if you need to, go buy a stinkin' iron-on and just do that. i don't care. the point is...we are doin' this together...like it or not.

wow. that was surprising.

i'm hittin' the hay. tired tired tired.


08 June 2007

my project of the month

is amy's shower gift (totally stole the idea from jen!)

i will get detailed photos...the batteries died! i also made burp cloth diaper things with fabric bottoms. very happy they turned out so cute!

just had to tell ya...

04 June 2007

ich bin ein hausfrau...

...und ich habe ein hausfraukleid!

apologies to any real german speakers...

as i was making my latest project, this phrase kept running through my brain...so there it appears! i wanted a smock/apron/housework-dress-type-thing. i got inspired by this japanese magazine i ordered from superbuzzy (and love, by the way). so made up a little smock/apron/housework-dress-type-thing! one pocket left to sew on, and details need to be added to the pocket, but the whole motto behind the dress is: simplicity, enjoy the little details, take pride in the process. therefore, the hand stitching on the bodice, handsewn pockets, lace trim, etc etc...i love it and feel like i will be inspired in the house a bit more. i've already decided that when we have a house (which hopefully will be very soon!) i want a shoe-free home. so i will make little "house-shoes" (aka slippers) for all visitors to don when they arrive. chris actually loved the idea too! the slippers were inspired by this book here!

so...next project...to finish my t-shirt embellishment for the Project of the Month and then the doll quilt for the dollquilt swap! i'm very excited about this!! still time to sign up, folks!!! i am thinking about doing the pincushion challenge, but don't feel very inspired, yet! we'll see. i do have to make a baby shower gift, a bridal shower gift and finish my musicianship work for the walden course i've been working on for OVER a year now!!! yikes!!! i think that's enough work for right now.

so here is the hausfraukleid...