25 July 2007

hooray mamma made!

wow...exciting little review for mamma made designs at coolmompicks.com!
check it out! you have to scroll down a bit to see it, but then there is the adorable spider dress from rachel! seems like there's a bit of a contest there too (not sure if it is over)...anyway! way to go rachel! - and megan on the coat!

check out mamma made's website for the fall line. you'll see some great stuff (my sweaters, hmmhmm...)and adorable kids. (updated photos coming soon!)

ok...enough tooting of the horn!

19 July 2007

swappity swap

love this.
the doll quilt swap was so stinkin' much fun. i'm planning a swap for project of the month...stay tuned.

so...i sent chris off to the post office to mail our usairways coupon for our flights to seattle (we're booked!!), along with my doll quilt to be airmailed (hint hint). you see, the recipient does not know who made her a quilt...just as i had no idea who was sending mine...well, i get home from work to find my little package!!! i was giddy with delight. mine came from virginia, from the lovely maggi
here it is:

the front

hand stitching detail...amazing!

the label!!

the lovely back...this fabric kills me!

so thanks to Lisa who organized the swap and my Swap Mama, along with the others who did so much work (there were 100 of us!!) PLEASE do it again...i had such a great time.

and did i say this was my first quilt EVER! scary and fun.

big sigh.

so i wanted to show off my other crafy goodies made while chris was on tour...all from bend the rules sewing by amy karol
but instead of all that uploading...please just click on over to my flickr page and take a gander. this book is heavenly. easy fun projects that are addictive to make!

so...i'm off to the farmer's market w/ my market bag...will post that photo soon!!
have a great day!!

18 July 2007

big post on the way

i've been busy busy busy with finishing the quilt for doll quilt swap II among other things so have been neglecting the blog...but IT IS FINISHED!! and i'm happy with it...sending it off today...here it is:

sorry they are crooked...i'll fix it later and will show you all the other fun stuff i've been doing from bend the rules sewing (book by amy karol)!! FUN!

12 July 2007

vacation at nana and papa's

well we had a wonderful week away. i am hoping to update with some photos tomorrow. we had a rainy but fun week in pennsylvania. i am blessed with a wonderful family. my mom and dad take care of anyone and everyone around them. me and the kids included! we spent time hanging out side, in the baby pool, rides on tractors, grilling, hammocking, all sorts of country fun.

but i must tell the sewing machine story!
i took my old singer 401a to a place to get it fixed (threads were breaking and tension was off)...my sister had heard of this guy irwin leininger who was excellent w/ any machine. well...he's been dead for 8 years apparently. but apparently his brother in law learned a lot from him...ed lives next door. so the next hour and a half was spent with ed in the little shack that used to be a machine repair shop tinkering around. he showed me how to adjust and diagnose my tension problems (he thinks i should never have to take it in for repair on account of tension!) he also pointed out that my needle was in backwards. i swear i checked and double checked....but it was. how embarrassing. it is sewing like a charm again. so top things off, there were a host of old sewing tables sitting around...the kind you mount your machine right in. and you guessed it...he custom fit one for my machine and gave it to me for $20. how amazing is that.

i'm out of time today...but will post more about the week when i find some time. unpacking and stealing time w/ chris is taking priority right now!!!

oh...and the Project of the month stuff will be finished soon...sorry for the delay!!!