07 October 2007

ETA: 6:47pm ACTUAL: changing every minute

so this is a desperate wife waiting anxiously for her hubby to come home. i think i've had it with the touring for now. it's been a busy year for it and i don't handle the temporary single-mom-ness well. anyway, i'm just jotting down my current neurosis because it is so funny....i wanted to see how chris' flight was doing...you know, on time, etc. so i googled JFK airport arrivals...at some point i ended up here where i've been SERIOUSLY watching his plane do circles over the ocean! stella and i are cracking up at the little red line behind the plane make little tiny OOOs...anyway...can't wait for him to be home!!! and according to flightstats...that'll be soon!!!

edited 7:16pm...landed on runway at 7:13. now...for the drive here from new york...


bandwidow said...

I'm right there with you! Dave is off and on touring (3 weeks away, 3 weeks here, 3 weeks away etc.)till Christmas. Missed our anniversary and will miss my birthday (sigh). And, I don't think any of his flights have been on time in the last year! This is a big deal when I slated to pick him up (with a sleepy El) at midnight!

rachel said...

glad your hubby is home with you now...:)