31 January 2008

some photos

taking from rachel, but not so "artsy"...some phone-photos:
first, stella's self portraits...love those lips!

and hourglass progress...

***dangit...i don't know how to make them bigger. rachel? any advice?


rachel said...

those pics are so cute, even when they're tiny! it might just be the size capacity of your phone's picture files. my pictures are too big to upload, so i have to open them in photoshop, and downsize them to 600 pixels. my phone has a 1MB of storage. (whatever this really means, i don't know. greg had to explain it all to me and show me what to do.) so all i do to my photos is make them smaller.

Rachel G said...

Okay Mel! Love the blog! Waiting for your next post!

Love ya!
Rachel G