29 February 2008


not much to write lately...so just things in my brain.

the path to wisdom is one of trial and error. and lots of prayer.

even my best effort requires repentance.

god is like a mother hen gathering her chicks...glad i'm a chick.

loving this verse:

Psalm 131:2 - But I have stilled and quieted my soul; like a weaned child with its mother, like a weaned child is my soul within me.

praying for a peaceful weekend for all of us.



rachel said...

i'm trying to memorize hebrews 12: 1-7 for francis' parent/kid memory verse competetion tomorrow. (sigh) it's funny how things we learn as kid stick with us forever.
like this: (that pops into my head far too often:)

"i am a small and lonely grape,
clutching to the vine,
waiting for the day that i'll become my Savior's wine...
don't give up hope, ye heavy laden,
you don't want to be a raisin!
there's a grape grape joy in Jesus, in the vineyard of the Lord."

xoxo much love and prayers...

my girl hazel said...

wait...that's not a bible verse!
and i can see that Rachel is working oh so hard memorizing the verses as she's checking in on all our blogs...

thanks for sharing your thoughts today Melissa, seems like you've had a lot on your mind with all the absences.

my girl hazel said...

you ok melissa? haven't heard from you in a while...