27 March 2008

happy belated easter

::eggs decorated::

::sugar rush hitting hard::

::fever hitting 102.5::

::cake hitting the freezer to be eaten this weekend, when we will actually celebrate easter...::

*photos taken on a trial run lumix....to be returned tomorrow to purchase the D80...woo hoo!


my girl hazel said...

so nice to see the kids! did you make the cake?

melissa said...

yep! all-american downy yellow cake from the cake bible...mmmm. all cute and eastery. we'll see how well peeps freeze. thawing tomorrow...i'll let you know!

rachel said...

i love peeps!
is that an east-coast thing?

lura said...

that cake is adorable! You are becoming quite a cake decorater Sis!

lauren said...

so great to see my little sweeties melis! glad stell is feeling better too. that cake looks delicious! happy easter!!! xoxo