30 January 2009

my new obsession

a golding spindle "learn to spin" kit gifted to me on christmas morning from my loving hubby, chris. spindle. fiber. book. hopefully, soon, yarn.

well, there is a little "yarn" i made christmas day. i haven't done much since, as i am trying to wrap up some unfinished projects. stella's sweater has been on the needles since (gulp) october! hopefully finishing that this weekend. and a little project i've been making up. see how that goes...hopefully by the end of this week! then its onto another february sweater for me (last year was the hourglass and i have NO photos of it!)...and then, spinning!

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sarah diama said...

Hey there! What a beautiful spindle!! I have a drop spindle too, but it is much duller looking. However I have really enjoyed it. Right now I have some blue space dyed soy silk on it. Can't wait to see what you do with it! have fun - it's a very forgiving medium - enjoy it!!! Hope all is well with you and the family!