23 May 2009


most of the ingredients...and a tinker toy


set up...last minute details

the bride's choice...

coconut layer cake with strawberry puree filling
my favorite...

biscuit de savoie with chambord syrup, chambord buttercream filling, and dark chocolate glaze waiting for flowers and the wedding party...

carrot cakes with orange italian cream cheese frosting
classic white velvet cakes with vanilla mousseline buttercream
congratulations ted and kate!


lura said...

I am speechless!! These cakes are beyond beautiful, you did an amazing job. When are you opening your pastry shop?
I wish I could taste some of these.
Love you!!

ange said...

wow! wow! wow! you did an outstanding job! i'm so proud of you! they are just gorgeous! i especially love the pic of you last minute piping...you're so adorable! i love you!!!

bandwidow said...


these are, well, they're, they're fabulous! talent abounds.

my girl hazel said...

wait. you bake too?
how does one gal end up with so many talents?
you are blessed!!

rachel said...

whoa, you've been busy: is an understatement! crazy!

they look awesome, and delicious!