02 March 2011

it is finished.

11:35 this morning my dad breathed his last breath. it was bittersweet(link to my sister's blog with more details).

we sat around his bed, just moments before, singing hymns...turn your eyes upon jesus and be thou my vision. i played my violin for him. i'm imagining that the angels picked up right where we left off.

right now, everything feels surreal. partially from sheer exhaustion. i think i slept 4 hours last night. i'm home with my family...and that feels so good.

chris told the kids that papa passed away. stella's eyes were wide and nervous. she isn't saying much, but looks sad. i just held her on the couch and let her be. eli asked me if papa disappeared. it is so sweet and sad... they love their papa so much. they are going to miss him so.

and so am i. i think i'll be able to write a more reflective post in days coming, but for now, i just feel still and quiet. i have never experienced such stillness, such quiet as i did with my sisters, mom, doug, aunt nancy and uncle bobby in the minutes right after dad's passing. no more machines giving oxygen. no more heavy breaths. no more struggle. i want to hold on to that right now.

thank you for your thoughts, prayers, emails, meals, etc.... all of your words are balm on a wound.


andreak said...

i feel the quiet stillness, too. i love you so much. you are a blessing to me. and...i miss you already <3

99lbs said...

Sorry for you loss, Melissa. I was just wondering if he would run into my dad. Praying for your family in this time of stillness and otherwise. - dj

bandwidow said...

Much love to you all.

Jennifer said...

Whew! Beautiful words for a difficult time.
The Many family is thinking about you and yours.