23 April 2007


so i figured out the posting problem and it was no fault of the machine...more like my reading skills. how embarrassing...or as stella says (thanks to grover in "there's a monster at the end of this book")....oh i am so embarrassed!

yeah, well...i'm coming into a new understanding of myself...one that may take way to long to delve into and probably is not interesting to anyone but myself.

you see, i was always told i was/am smart, etc. but you know what...i'm lazy! yep, that's it. i've just sat back on my heels and let folks tell me that i'm interesting or creative or intelligent...and truth is...there's not much proof to that...so i'm going to try to make some pudding...(get it...proof is in the pudding...yeah i know...)

so here is to a new attempt and a new view for myself...one in which i am actually a bit more proactive in my own life. i do think i may have half a brain and might actually be able to use it. here's hoping!

1 comment:

rachel said...

hip hip hooray!
i would toast you right now, had i a glass of champagne...