12 April 2007

trouble with titles

oh geez...just had a melt down over what to call this stupid thing. realized why i haven't written anything in about 12 years. total fear of man...am i original? (is anyone?) did someone else already do that? (probably) am i being authentic? (probably not) who am i??? (oh for crying out loud!!!)

so thanks to lots of encouraging talk from hubby, i have chosen a name and will stick with it for better or worse.

picking up purls.
when i knit, i get sloppy. sometimes i drop stitches accidentally. sometimes i have to rip it all apart. i hate picking up purls. its just hard for me to do.

purls=pearls=wisdom (that whole thing)
i hope to find some..if i do, i'd like to buy it whole-heartedly...

alright. that's that.

that's something, at least!


my girl hazel said...

love the name!

Megan said...

Love it Mel! I hate fixing any of my knitting mess ups. I just leave them in...they make it unique!

Lauren said...

It's perfect Melis! I can't wait to read on...lots of catching up to do!