27 June 2007

where has the time gone?

well...i don't really know, so i will just give you the short run down instead!
chris left on tour yesterday...that day is always hard, especially for stella, but things are improving today (phew). i need to know how other mama's handle this...ann krestene... does ellanor break down??? stella is a mess EVERY time. it's awful. tears, sobbing, stomach aches. my poor girl. i'm trying to keep her busy with fun things like swim lessons, visiting friends and family, maybe a movie this weekend (ratatouille maybe???)

before that...well, i don't even know! i've been working on my quilt for my quilt class (dick and jane fabrics by michael miller - no photo right now to share) as well as my quilt for the doll quilt swap II. have a little sneak peek. i can't show it all, as it is a secret!!! but those mamas at the swap are quite something...my partner and i seem to have so much in common...it's killing me! i want to know how much thought was put into pairing up the quilters. anyway, i am doing some foundation piecing from patterns i got in the mailorder from kingpod those little square were so much fun - kind of addicting!

but then...my sewing machine is kaput. yep. snappying threads left and right, jamming. ergh. i love my 401a, but is it time to update? plus i want to machine quilt and don't know if it does that. i'm such a stinkin' novice. any advice????

alrighty, so when the machine broke, stella and i did these (she did most of it...i did the ironing on):
for daddy: a rocket ship (based on a story he made up for her)

for herself: rainbow kitty and a map to magical places only rainbow kitty can go...?

i'll post these up to the project of the month's site too..fun!

eli is now walking all over the place and cutting more teeth - JOY!
but this is my favorite. he walks over carrying his shoes
signs "more" and sits down for me to put them on him! he loves them! and his new favorite toy is a birthday gift from aunt lauren...he now makes mmmmrrrrrrrrrmmm sounds!!! i love it!

one last thing to share...stella has been amazing me with her drawings. check out these birds (i hope chris is reading...) she did these completely on her own. a mama bird with babies flying behind her...i think they are gorgeous! very graceful and dancy...

i mean she's only 4...as my friend loren and i say...it's because she's gifted...because all of our kids are gifted...just sayin'.


Lisa K. said...

I love:

-the block & its happy colors
-your shout-out to your hard-working swap mama (yay, Solidia!)
-those t-shirts! how did you DO that?
-those birds. so great

melissa said...

the t-shirts were done w/ crayola fabric crayons! so easy and fun. just color away on plain old paper and then flip it over and iron it onto the shirt!

Maggi said...

You can machine quilt if you get a walking foot for your machine ~ or a free-motion/darning foot. But I am hand-quilting for th Swap this time around. Great kid art!

Susie said...

I love how boys just know how to make car noises...I mean, who teaches them that?? I remember when Edward was not quite a year old and he was making "brrmmmm-brrmmm" noises for his cars...and then the beeping noise as they backed up... Growing up in a house full of girls (and you'll understand) this came as such a delightful surprise to me!! Your kids are precious!

rachel said...

awesome awesome awesome.
all of it.

my girl hazel said...

hey, so i dealt with the traveling spouse when august was younger. it was very hard. trey would make a video of himself reading a book to august- i'd play it for him when it was time to go to sleep. and then there's lots of singing, "daddy comes back, he always comes back..."
it's sad to say this but...they get used to it...to their daddy being away...doesn't make it any better right now, but it does get better down the road.
the shirts are sooo coool btw. i'm gonna totally do that with the kids this summer.
you're so inspirational!

ann-krestene said...

i love those birds stella!

when dave would leave when el was smaller i printed up every photo i had of dave and tapped them up all over the house at her eye level (even above the bathtub and at her highchair, so she could still see him.

i did what jen said have him make a video of reading and singing her favrites

i also made a book for her to look thru of all the daddy things "here's a picture of daddy drumming" "he drives the big van," etc.

we also invested in the icams so we can see/interact with each other whenever he has a minute at a venue or hotel with internet service.

i also send him packages every now and then to venues and she gets to put something in, a 'secret' drawing for only him to see...

that's all i can think of right now, but yeah, as jen said she's gotten used to the in and out of his schedule...

Marisa said...

Cool doll quilt sneak peak. Love it! So retro, so cool.