10 June 2007


i'm a list girl and i'm in need of one...and i thought putting it here might make me a bit more accountable.

so here goes.
1. i must clean up the living room from the yard sale disaster. monday am. no ifs ands or buts.
2. gift for charis' shower...handmade?
3. sign up stella for swimming lessons
4. buttons for the hausfraukleid...finish it dangit!
5. send photo to tie-one-on
6. more t-shirts for the project of the month
7. stella's dress
8. doll quilt for swap
9. doll quilt for the doll quilt challenge
10. batteries for the camera
11. time to think...
12. walden stuff (aaaarrrggghhh!)

alright...enough for now.
check out the new flickr photos to the left here...

join project of the month. c'mon. do it. peer pressure. i want you all to do it now. if you need to, go buy a stinkin' iron-on and just do that. i don't care. the point is...we are doin' this together...like it or not.

wow. that was surprising.

i'm hittin' the hay. tired tired tired.


1 comment:

rachel said...

what yard sale disaster? why disaster?
like the new look...
and the list.
i'm a lister too...