25 July 2007

hooray mamma made!

wow...exciting little review for mamma made designs at coolmompicks.com!
check it out! you have to scroll down a bit to see it, but then there is the adorable spider dress from rachel! seems like there's a bit of a contest there too (not sure if it is over)...anyway! way to go rachel! - and megan on the coat!

check out mamma made's website for the fall line. you'll see some great stuff (my sweaters, hmmhmm...)and adorable kids. (updated photos coming soon!)

ok...enough tooting of the horn!


ann-krestene said...

way to go!

lura said...

What a neat article! I have to say that I also think the photos on the Mamma Made website with natural backgrounds, rather than just the plain white, adds a great deal of personality. The white background looks great for the close ups & details though too.
Great jobs gals!