04 August 2007

down time...

chris just took stella to see ratatouille (for her, again)...just to get some daddy-daughter time in. it's too hot to do anything else. so what am i doing, you ask? well, dressing eli up in knee socks (his request) and trying to finish a lap quilt for stella from amy karol's bend-the-rules sewing book (that i've gone nuts over). it's done except for the binding...hopefully tonight! i have no idea when i will have a photo as our camera is on the fritz!! i'll have to borrow a friends again!(thanks loren or lura!)

anywhooooo.....later we'll head to the farm to grab more veggies. my box from the market on thursday is already dwindling!!! the kids (and chris & me) go nuts over the organic heirloom tomatoes, corn, eggplant, yellow watermelon, peppers, squash, etc....its unbelievably delicious! it makes me happy to feed my family, i tell ya! can you see that i'm excited here??!!!!!!!!! (too much punctuation!!!)

alrighty....just wanted to check in...more depth next time! back to the quilt!

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