02 August 2007

the tales of emma sofina

this is stella's imaginary sister...emma sofina. love the name, don't you? well lately emma has been into some trouble.
a little over a week ago stella sat down next to me and said, "mama, emma has been very bad."
i asked why? what has she done?
stella says, " last night, when her mama was asleep, she opened the door, went down the elevator and drove herself to the Bratz doll store." (stella's face is one of shock and horror, with a motherly disappointment)
i say, "oh wow, that's pretty dangerous (thinking motherly thoughts of...hmm is stella thinking of sneaking out? uh, no) what else?"
stella says, "then she bought herself a bratz doll, came home and put it right on the toy box! do you believe it!"
i sat there smiling, thinking...uh oh...she wants one of those horrifically (is that a word?) ugly and demoralizing dolls.
so i say, "stell, do you want a bratz doll"
she says in a whisper, while throwing her head back onto the pillow with eyes closed, "oh mama, i LOVE them"
holding in my giggles, i ask what it is about bratz dolls that she loves.
her answer: a dead on look into the eyes and a slight shake of the hair, " they are SO fashionable!"
my face sinking into shock and horror.

the next half hour or so was spent figuring out an alternatively fashionable yet mother-approved substitute. we settled on a groovy girl. but she had to earn it.

so time has passed and every day stella has made sure her room is spotless and beautiful. she has practiced her violin without argument. she has been helpful. not much of this is different from her normal life...except maybe the room part. so we head to the local target.

rushing down to the toy department, we spy the groovy girl section. we both stand in front of them with shoulders a little droopy and a smirk of, well, ok? they weren't so great...they weren't doing the trick. so stella says, "mama, maybe we can look around a little." i agree.

around the aisle is this little section of dolls called "only hearts club girls". a little homely looking. long barbie-style hair, but soft bodies and flat chests. i say, what the hey. she picks a bride with an accompanying everyday outfit named "olivia hope". stella is thrilled and loves her...so far i have not heard the word Bratz come from her lips.

and emma sofina?...well she is back to stunning behavior. in fact, she recently was playing with olivia along with stella.

don't you love a happy ending??


ann-krestene said...

Good work Mama! Oh boy, I fear those days are quickly approaching for us. I really hope Matilda (Ella's made-up friend) stays away from the toy stores!

Rachel said...

That is such a funny story! Luv ya,R