02 August 2008

why i'm away

sorry it's been so long...and it's only gonna be longer.

i'm opening mickleton music, running demo classes and trying to drum up business.
we moved.
to a house.
we've been painting.
keeping the kids happy.
and watching an occasional "curb your enthusiasm" episode for down time.


so...hopefully in a week or so i'll be back in some way! i do keep checking in on all my friends blogs. refreshing!!! have a good week!


bandwidow said...

So glad to hear things are movin' for you, a fresh start in so many ways. Thinkin' about you guys...wish the house was in Seattle though...

rachel said...

miss you miss you! it was so great to see you a bit when i was back east!
happy home-making in your new to you house!
can't wait to hear more when you have the time...
or just call:)
xox rachel

Lynne Burkholder said...

Where is your new home???????????????!!!!! I'm thinking not near me?