18 September 2008

thinking of coming out of hiding

hey there folks. i keep looking at this old blog and the longer i look, the more intimidated i become. so...i am trying to break the ice. i'll be posting again soon. i'll grab some good photos to show off what's been happening in our lives lately, as well as what's inspiring me.

my goal: a good post before sunday!

i'm feeling the need of a challenge...anyone in for a crafty game of sorts? we could make it up as we go (i'm jealous of these virtual quilting bees and such...maybe something similar, but knit?)

anyway...hope to talk to y'all soon.



bandwidow said...

yee-haw! melis is back! don't be intimidated, we just want to hear about what you're up to, how your summer was etc.

jdaviddark said...

YOU SAID SUNDAY!!!...no shame, no aggression, just expectant affection...
say some stuff.