11 November 2008

ok...i'll try...

so i talked briefly with rachel on the phone the other day, then read this post, and said to myself, c'mon...write!

so, it may only be a sentence or two, and it may be mundane and not very inspiring, but i will try my hardest to post more. chris has the camera on tour, so there won't be any new photos, but maybe i'll pull out some old ones.

like this...our october consisted of a very special birthday...stella turning 6...

don't you love the red tutu over the t-shirt and jeans!?! she insisted...and i was thrilled! she wanted a "rainbow-cake-tea-party"...so i made up a rainbow cake!...very fun to mix and bake and play with all that color! all hidden under a real chocolate buttercream...mmmmmm.

then, of course, halloween. we thought we were having a princess leia and luke skywalker, but stella changed her mind the day before (yep) and i whipped up this costume thursday night before friday's trick-or-treat. again, she was SO happy...it is well worth it.
we were accompanied by lilly - the old fashioned lady, and ida - the girl beaver. good times!

so...maybe next time, i'll hit a bit of november...voting, tour, getting ready for the holiday season. see, there are always things to think on, right?


bandwidow said...


we don't care if it's life changing info or not, we just want to hear from you! so good to see your little kiddos! and that cake is fan-tab-u-lous!

Jenny said...

that cake does look amazing...i just ate but it makes me want to bake a cake and eat it warm!

Jess said...

That cake is to die for!
I must try that!

my girl hazel said...

you're such a good mom! baking rainbow cake, making a costume the night before! i found this post VERY inspiring!!
so good to hear from you.

rachel said...

thanks for posting: finally. i've missed you on here. this is what our life is: the kids, the cake, the homework, the leaves, the tantrums, the crushes,etc etc... and maybe at the end of it, they go to bed and we get a glass of wine and breather. maybe a good book. maybe a tv show. but don't think we don't want to hear that stuff. this is the glorified quilting bee, this is all we've got. the little stuff that is the big stuff. this is the chat sans coffee (which i'm drinking on my side of the country) and i want to keep up with you on your side.
post pictures of your kids.
we want to see them.
share a little of your day.
we want to hear it.

missing you and glad you're back.
now don't be a stranger and stay awhile...