19 November 2008


mommom had more surgery to clean the infected area. upon closer look, the surgeon noticed that during the previous surgery, he had snipped a part of her spine and she was leaking spinal fluid! that is now closed, cleaned and supposedly o.k. the staph infection IS MRSA. she is on the proper antibiotics, and the doctor seems hopeful. i have trust issues with docs, so...i'm praying. i finally was able to talk to her, briefly. she sounded very good. big sigh.

cheryl, lura's mother-in-law, had a very hard morning. internal bleeding - but not sure from where, heart rate dropping too low, not waking up after being taken off sedation, respirators. and then...she woke up! praise God - SERIOUSLY!!! she was to have a cat scan to see where this bleeding is happening and to figure out what caused this. i'm so thankful that chris and lura were able to see her. she wasn't able to speak yet, but i'm hoping to hear more positive news later tonight. she is still very serious (icu), but truthfully...she woke up. that's what we needed to hear.

thank you for praying.

i realized today that while this feels intense, it is just regular life. thinking a certain way about ann krestene's post about christmas...and human nature...and our brokenness. this is what it is. sickness, hurting, finances, trust...and then God. redemption. he provides a way out so that we can stand up under it.

hopefully we'll have lots (more) to be thankful for this time next week. amen.


bandwidow said...

i'm so glad to hear the update, it's so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of bad news, sickness, and confusion. MRSA seems to be popping up more and more these days (and from hospitals, none he less). praying for recovery for everyone.

rachel said...

thanks for posting and being vulnerable enough to share your bad day. we will be praying for everyone's recovery. and for your peace of mind...hang in there!