19 September 2009

school supplies

my, my....how do i begin after such a long absence??? a quick update, and then on with it!

::::we are moving. november 1st. to elverson, pa. we are excited. nervous. can't wait. it's been a long time coming, and we are finally just jumping. country life is on its way! (or incredibly small town life, really!) and we will finally be a part of our church community!

::::1st grade started last week for stella. another year at home. i did my (now 2nd annual) freak out. i was all geared up. curricula chosen. supplies bought. and then...crap! i'm going to ruin my child! i cannot do this! she must go to school! chris talked me off the edge...and last week went stunningly. i don't remember 1st grade being so fun!

so here is what we did. from the chalkboard in the kitchen:

Bible Memory/Copywork: Psalm 139:1-2 (we will have the whole thing memorized for this year)
Grammar: Chapter 3 (Shurley Grammar)
Phonics: Review (Reading Eggs)
Reading: Curious George (First Favorites, Vol. 1)
Math: Review (waiting for books - got them Thursday!)
Geography: NSEW, make a compass, States: PA and NJ
History: Lewis and Clark, expedition game online, Thomas Jefferson, design your own Monticello
French: new CD of French children's song (so far, its just about sing-alongs)
Music: listening this week. we'll get to composer's later
Science: we've been doing the body at co-op (cells, bones, joints) on to muscles this week!

it was a great week. next week i'll give the update on friday (or saturday). next friday we are visiting a small homeschool-school (kind of a one room school house or sorts.) its called the hoke school and, if we decide we like it, stella would go 3 mornings a week. 2 would be with 1st thru 4th grade, 1 would be just her age. we'll see. this raising a child thing is tough. i feel terribly underprepared, unworthy, and ill-equipped. and there is nothing i want to do more.

so...here's to a new year. new pens. new paper. a new bottle of glue. it's so nice to start fresh.


bandwidow said...

I've been so curious about what's been happening with you guys. Glad things are moving along, bumpy perhaps, but moving non the less. Good work Melis!

rachel said...

glad to have you back!
we've missed you... look forward to hearing more.
don't make me get news of you from my mom! :)

my girl hazel said...

What a busy week!
Maybe she could start her own blog for part of your technology piece?

andrea said...

You're doing a fantastic job with Stella! Keep up the good work! Great to be with you yesterday!!!

Melissa said...

Elverson seems like a really great place to live, I'm sure you'll enjoy it out there! Very close by in morgantown, there is a grocery store with a loft that has a fabric store on the second floor. It was so cool!

Lynne Burkholder said...

we's gots to talk