26 September 2009

i made it...i can breathe now

what a day...we spontaneously went to this gospel choir competition at the wachovia center in philadelphia. all local gospel choirs from churches in and around philly...i have never been a part of something like this. chris and i sat 3rd row center (which gave me the giggles at first...imagine the scene, folks). and in the end were blessed beyond belief. the judges were hezekiah walker (listen to this song...he sang it tonight), lonnie hunter, and marvin sapp. this song moved me severely. i think it's my new theme song.

the night ended with chris and i on the couch and U2 on SNL. nice close to an amazing evening.



rachel said...

what an amazing experience! and i CAN imagine you, 3rd row, center :)

sarah diama said...

I love this song!! My Dad is a HUGE gospel fan and we grew up listening to it and the artists you named as kids - and I love it! It's the prefect pick me up music when you need to be refocused on God. Now that you're moving closer to Reading - there have been AMAZING FREE gospel concerts during the Jazz Fest. What an experience! Third row :) I've been moved at more gospel concerts than any other type of event, that's for sure! Hope you're all well, I think of you often as I spin fiber every now and then... (sorry for the novel!)