20 October 2009

16 October 1999-2009

we got married 10 years ago! it was such an amazing day...mid 70s, leaves in full color, even had deer prancing behind the church...

this year, chris surprised me with this...and a dinner gathering with family and friends. a wonderful weekend to celebrate our anniversary! this is some of my first yarn being spun by our "fire" (aka christmas lights!) we got festive!

i am a blessed girl!

now...onto packing! i have been taking short spinning breaks when i feel totally overwhelmed by boxes!


ange said...

Love it! Spin some yarn and make me some socks, please! Can't wait till you're up here for good! I love you!!!

Harmless Drudge said...

Yay, a wheel!!! That man of yours is pretty dang awesome.

I will miss you guys--will have to try to mail you wool on a regular basis to feed the wheel.

bandwidow said...

wow! 10 years! so great, melis!

rachel said...

sweet pics!
sorry i couldn't get out there this weekend!
a very big congratulations on ten years! that's huge!
you've got til christmas to get your new house all in order, cause we're coming out, and we're coming over!!

RachelMM said...

Congratulations Mel! My Mom just told me you guys were moving to PA. Write me when you get settled in, I can't wait to hear all the news. Love you both so much.
Love, Rachel

jdaviddark said...

so pleased to see this photo.
for the record, we still kick ourselves over not having been there.
much love,