18 May 2010

i'm actually knitting...

...a pair of socks.

well, really, i'm teaching a knitting class at the local yarn shop. it's the fun 2-at-a-time method on 2 circular needles. since i'm trying to write it out for myself (since i never follow one straight method), i thought i'd document it here. feel free to knit along (it'd be helpful to know if it works for more folks than me!)

so, in my class, i'm giving one step instructions per class. first class was how to cast on 2 socks onto 2 circs. i find this the hardest part. next class is the heel flap, turning the heel, and the gusset. final class, the toe. so here is step one:

Knitting 2 Socks on 2 Circular Needles

Yarn: Fingering weight (Sock Yarn)
Needles: US 1-3 (or size to get gauge)
Gauge: 7.5” –8” = 1” stockinette
Sizes: 7.5” (8.5”, 9”) ankle circumference

Part I: Casting On and the Cuff

This might be the trickiest part. In order to cast on for 2 socks, you need to do some fidgeting. First, name your needles. For the sake of consistency, I will call them “A” and “B.” (This could also be Instep and Sole.) You’ll see….this will get helpful soon.
Take “A” needle and cast on 56 (64, 68) sts. With “B” needle, slip half of those sts onto "B". Flip “B” around to make a sideways “V”, with working yarn hanging from “B” to the right. Again, take “A” needle and cast on 56 (64, 68) sts. With “B” needle, slip half of those sts. You will now have 2 sideways “V’s.” Now is a good time to check that your stitches are facing the same direction, the closed part of the “V” is not twisted, and your working yarn is in the same place on both “V’s.”

Marking the end of the round. I don’t always do this, but do find it helpful. To mark the end of the round, you will want to slip your last CO st (but don’t lose it!), place a marker on your needle and replace the last CO st. This will be the marker for End of Round. Alternatively, I just use my “tail” from casting on as my guide. You can choose which method is best for you.

Ready to join into a round? Good. Secure your stitch: take last CO st and slip to "A". Slip first CO st over and back onto "B". They've switched spots, right? good. You are good to go.
Now, let’s remember the 2 Circular Needle Rule:
Knit “A” stitches to “A” needle, and “B” to “B”.
Ok. With that said, let’s knit. With needle “A” on top, let “B” dangle below. We are going to Knit FIRST with needle “A”. Put working sts on end of A. (You can say A1 and A2.) Pick up other end of A (A2) and Knit. Now what about a pattern?

Here is where you can get creative. Do you have a favorite sock pattern? Use it! (Note: you may have to adjust your cast on stitch numbers, but why not!?!) Just want a rib? 2x2, 1x1, 3x1…they all work. For the sake of this basic class, we will do a 2x2 rib for 2”. Let’s do it.

Cuff: K2, P2 around for 2”.
Leg: You can continue in Rib Pattern or switch to Stockinette (K all around). Knit until leg measures 6” from Cast On.

Freeze there until next week.
Let me know of any problems!

Some helpful links:
Cat Bordhi on You Tube
Cat Bordhi - part 2
knittinghelp.com advanced techniques: scroll down to "On Two Circular Needles"
a great tutorial


ange said...

and to think i'm thrilled to be able to make a square washcloth! :)

bandwidow said...

man, i've never attempted normal person socks...just christmas stockings. this might be just the thing! thanks melis!

Cindy/KS said...

I am on pairs #3-#5 and what I do is hold the 2 circulars together & cast on around them - 1/2 the # of stitches that I want my toe to start with - using 2 balls of yarn. Then I grab the 2 ends of the same needle - knit down the one side of each. Grab the 2 ends of the other needle and knit down the opposite side of the cast on stitches. This gives me a closed toe to begin with. Can't remember if I got this from 1 source or combined it from several when I started.

Jennifer said...

I wish I could sit next to you while you taught this...alas I am one of those visual learners.
Never tried knitting a sock...seems way to difficult.

melissa said...

In June, I'll be teaching the Toe Up on 2 Circulars class at the Shoppe. I'll post my version of those in June! I do prefere toe-up, normally, but cuff down is good to know too!
Thanks for stopping by!