09 October 2010

wooly things

so, remember that excited post that ended with some great fall knitting? remember shalom, knitted in wonderful cascade ecological wool? well, what you hadn't seen, was that same yarn knitted into a complete back of a central park hoodie. then frogged. then set aside. then knit into an entire body of shalom. and now?

it just isn't what i want right now! i want this. aidez. a slouchy, comfy, somewhat rustic looking fall cardigan. but, eco wool won't work. so i'm waiting. and knitting a basic cowl out of therapeutic malabrigo. that stuff does wonders for a girls hurt knitting ego.

ps. that's the same yarn i knitted the mara shawl out of for rachel. she needs to send me a photo so i can share!!!

what are you knitting right now?

i found a cute knitting poem online for the kids. and it's seasonally appropriate, so enjoy!

Knitted Things
by Karla Kuskin

There was a witch who knitted things:
Elephants and playground swings.
She knitted rain,
She knitted night,
But nothing really came out right.
The elephants had just one tusk
And night looked more
Like dawn or dusk.
The rain was snow
And when she tried
To knit an egg
It came out fried.
She knitted birds
With buttonholes
And twenty rubber butter rolls.
She knitted blue angora trees.
She purl stitched countless purple fleas.
She knitted a palace in need of a darn.
She knitted a battle and ran out of yarn.
She drew out a strand
Of her gleaming, green hair
And knitted a lawn
Till she just wasn’t there.


rachel said...

ha! i thought i recognized that yarn, and then: oops! darn it! i am shamed i have not gotten you that photo yet! i had it on a post-it note and just never got around to it. i have written it down again and when i take out my winter wool things (which will be soon!)i will get it to you! i promise!

also, i cannot believe you unraveled an entire sweater (is that what frogged means?) i could not see the pics as i do not have a ravelry account, but i do not have the patience to 1.) knit a sweater, and then 2.) to unknit it if i am dissatisfied. hahaha. but i do envy! :)

hope you find your knit-desires!

Charis Diamantopoulos O'Connell said...

Love the poem~ love the blog~ and yes, I love October too =: )