01 October 2010

happy october!

i really feel like i wake up in october.
especially this october 1st.
pouring rain all day and night yesterday, but muggy.
then we wake to cool, crisp and cloudy.
since i've been away for so long, i thought i'd share some photos from the day. we had lunch next door at the pizza place and then went to weaver's orchard with nana. it turned sunny and breezy. absolutely beautiful! we came home with quite a haul of apples for pies, pumpkins for pies, decorating and carving, apple cider doughnuts, apple fritters, broccoli and tomatoes, acorn and butternut squash. can you tell i love fall??? we have a birthday coming...(someone will be 8!) and an anniversary (11 years!) i will try to keep you posted. i'm hoping to get back into the swing of this blogging business. i miss it, actually!
hope you are having a wonderful first of october!


some farm animals at the orchard...nana loved this one!

cute bunnies...

i loved this goat on its...goat ramp? if i had a barn, i'd have goats and i'd have a goat ramp, too.

little pumpkins, big pumpkins.

pumpkin picking...

eli wanted a "humungo" one!

thank you, nana, for a wonderful day! we love you!!! xoxox

oh, and, some fall knitting...shalom(ravelry)(free pattern found here)!


rachel said...

nice! funny, i posted today also (which i haven't done in awhile).
possibly we were both inspired today :)

RachelMM said...

I love the look of your new blog! Beautiful!