29 May 2007

another week(end) goes by...

wow. my last post was "weekend review" and here i am with another one! time has been flying around here.

to start i'd like to wish my dear hubby a very happy birthday today!! stella and i made him his favorite cherry pie from scratch...mmmmmm.....

oh where to start... we had a wonderful weekend in the "country" (or so we pretend). it all began thursday morning with a train ride to exton, pa (the good ole R5) where my sister, lura, picked us up for a day of fun. we went straight to wawa for coffee, then onto the harley davidson dealership for a birthday gift for her boss (that was funny). after delivering the gift, we went to her house. grilled up some really yummy turkey burgers with fresh sage (they were SO good) and got to the gardening...here is a little taste:

stella working
From general

hands in the dirt
From general

From general

eli helps
From general

the next day we went to "nana and papa's" in parkesburg, pa (aka my folks). here we spent time with mommom (my grandmother), did some fun in the sun stuff, some birthday-boy shopping (the summer of the polo shirt), and some more yard work. not many photos of the latter, since i was covered in mulch, digging up hard earth and planting lots of pretty flowers.
another taste:
fun in the sun...making wishes for princesses
From general

yard work...eli with papa
From general

my souvenir...from lura's garden, beautiful peonies with the sweetest smell...
From general

we ended it with a smith family picnic with yard games, grilling and friends on sunday. memorial day included a memorial service at the world war 2 memorial across the street (it always get me crying...thinking of my poppop...and that generation), out to breakfast at le bus in manayunk, used bookstore shopping, some clean-up, pizza and ice cream...
all in all, a very good weekend.
hoping to slow down a bit this week...get some crafting done while enjoying the almost 90 degree sunshine.


ann-krestene said...

so glad you posted again, i was waiting...nice to see the pic's!

Lauren said...

looks like you guys had a great long weekend, thanks for the update!

rachel said...

i just love hearing about your days. i love hearing those east-coast code-words, like wawa, poppop, and manayunk! who knows what they mean?