17 May 2007

a little mundane, but never dull.

well...i feel like i've neglected my blog...and how ridiculous is that? like this thing is now a being i need to tend to. nuh-uh. no way. not going to feel guilty. anyway...truth is, i'm really enjoying this blog stuff. i'm finding so many inspirational sites (see the link list on my other blog) my mind is reeling.

here are things i want to do next:
cozy friend pillow for mamma made
crocheted cardigan for mamma made
mini quilt for my wall
bigger quilt for stella's bed
embellished t-shirt for the project of the month
figure out printing onto fabric
um...that's all i can think of right now...

in the mean time, there is life.

monday was the visit to the nutritionist for eli's "failure to thrive". i was so stressed, feeling like just one more doctor telling me what's wrong with my kid...well, i was wrong. this woman was so wonderful and supportive. told me i was right for plotting him on the new WHO breastfed infant growth chart! (i felt so crazy before...now, vindicated!) she thinks he will be fine. she did encourage me to use butter (on things i'd normally butter), and heavy cream. just a tablespoon adds 50 calories. so i'm doing this to his yogurt and milk (if he'll drink it!) i figure, though, that as i add butter and cream to his stuff, i'll gain 10 pounds by eating his leftovers, which are always plentiful!

tuesday night, stella came down with a headache and woke up with a fever. still fevering on now. i took her in to the peds today because her neck hurt. i think she's gonna be ok. the peds think its just a basic old virus. they did test her for strep, though, and it was negative. however i must describe this process.
this is the 2nd time stella's been tested for strep. and they make you open up wide and swab the back of your throat with big long q-tips. the first time, stella threw up in a cup. yuck. so today, on our way to the peds, stel starts crying and saying, "i don't want them to take my germs out"...i'm confused and think her fever must be going nuts. then when the ped wants to test...she says no..."don't take my germs!"...i get it now. poor girl...they took her germs out...and lots of them, too.

today, we stayed put (after said ped visit). i did 5 loads of laundry. not a good sign. things were seriously backed up. feelin' clean now. we'll be putting it all away tomorrow (kids are asleep...can't put it away now!)...and taking it easy again tomorrow...gotta get this fever gone.

so...there is the update of my wacky week. a little mundane, but never dull. hoping for a restful and interesting weekend...will let you know!

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rachel nyssen said...

that's so funny; i just read this after i just blogged, and i too, just did a "day in the life of" blog...
i like what you said: mundane, but never dull.