06 May 2007


with her permission, a letter from my sister...it says it all...

Melissa, What a beautiful picture of Stella on your blog...and that
birthday smile of Eli's..he is so precious! I really feel that our
family received a wonderful blessing & an extra measure of grace this
week with Eli's results. You know that I love Eli so dearly, but I
want to share with you how I think that Christ must be teaching
me...because all week I kept meditating on Matthew 6:34 'Don't worry
about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself. Each day has
enough trouble of its own' In our study right now we are looking at 1
Kings & 2 Chronicles and as difficult as it is for me to actually
finish all 5 days of homework & as unintelligent as I feel b/c my
answers are so often WAY off from what the answer or the meaning of
the scripture is...it is in subtle ways that the Lord really pins
certain points to me & they seem to give me an extra measure of
strength. Right now in 1 Kings we are looking at Samuel, son of David
who was a man after God's own heart....Samuel just finished building
the temple of the Lord & when God tells him to ask for what ever he
wants & it will be given to him...he doesn't ask for riches or power
or even glory...he asks for wisdom not of this world but for godly
wisdom to discern between the good & evil to understand trials....to
judge the people. Can you imagine God giving you almost what seems to
be one wish...I certainly would have asked for something like that
all of my family would live to be 100 or that we all had houses for
all our days...and this man who later in life turns away from
God...had faith so unmovable in this moment, so unselfish that he
asks for something to help his people & make him more like God. I may
have gotten a bit off track here, but what I want to say is that in
this, I saw God give you peace....especially when you said you were
able to take a nap...isn't it amazing how He carries us
through....even when everyday life feels ordinary, full of struggles,
fear etc...what a comfort to know that as a child we are given an
extra measure of our daily grace when these trials come. Can you
imagine facing these trials without His face? I often try to imagine
how I lived before I knew Him, or was it that I wasn't living at all
because I was so dead in sin. How does the unbeliever trust if they don't
trust in Christ?
Oh how the Lord loves sweet Elisha David! Let's continue to rejoice
today, give praise to His name for He alone is glorious...El Shaddai-
God Almighty, All sufficient one, Abba-Father to you alone be the
Thank you for allowing me to empty my heart this morning.
I love you & I love dear little Eli & can't wait to see his smile &
know that it is real...the grace was truly given.
In Christ alone, Lura

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rachel said...

my eyes well up with tears...that was beautiful. not just the words written, but also the fact that they were sister to sister, and that communication is so precious and rare. and on top of that, to be a sister in Christ...that is truly a blessing. you are surrounded with so much love...