23 November 2007

handmade friday...


as you know, i have taken a pledge to give the gift of handmade this christmas. now, i do have a couple little exceptions, like books, and a couple good quality toys for the kiddos. (stella LOVES her american girl doll...and well, i love that she loves that!) but anyway, in response to my pledge, i am furthermore VOWING to NOT shop today, black friday. instead...i will spend my day creating some of those said gifts (and possibly ordering books online!) i wanted to participate in sewmamasew's handcrafter's holiday blog meme...so here goes. some of what i'm up to:

For starters:

Gifts I'm Giving...

i am so excited for stella on christmas morning! i already have a couple skirts in the works from The Merry Church Mouse's charm pack skirt tutorial, and the house on hill roads twirly skirt tutorial, these barrettes from angry chicken (which we've made before, but i am going to MASTER this time!)
(i will take photos next week when they are all done! check back!)

i think lots of kids on my list will be getting the crayon roll-ups from skip to my lou's tutorial...how great are they? perfect for taking along (no crushed boxes!) i am thinking of adding my own coloring pages to that (my own drawings made into a simple book...maybe).
i also plan on making some "cozy friends" pillows. simple creatures sewn out of soft cotton fabrics...either prints or maybe plain for them to draw on themselves???? hmmm...

some grown-ups will get some stocking stuffers of tissue holder's and key chains.
there are also plans and supplies purchased for a very nice scarf, lovely placemats, and more!

that's it for a start. check back for more info for the blog meme...i'll be posting more photos, projects, some details about traditions our family celebrates and more.

for now...hoping you enjoy a restful friday and somehow avoid the madness!


bandwidow said...

I'm with you on nixing the shopping! We're headed out for a coffee and the zoo. I've already partially decorated, but am sending Dave up on the roof with the lights!

Rachel said...

Hey Mel! I'm sewing my girls a bunch of clothes for the American Girl dolls that they are going to get for Christmas this year. That could be another way to stay crafty, save some money, and add some spice to a doll she loves! They have some great historical doll patterns now too. Just a thought--

Love you, Rachel

rachel said...

we decided to stay home for thanksgiving this year and celebrate it with friends, and drive up to portland on friday, to spend the weekend with greg's family. we just couldn't bear the thought of another year of bumper to bumper thanksgiving traffic in the rain for 6 hours (usually takes 3). our hope was on friday, there would be NO traffic, that everyone would be shopping, and we were right!! no traffic!! yay!

Shari said...

oh i really like those keychains, and the crayon roll ups! those are great projects!