21 November 2007

happy thanksgiving

hoping you all enjoy a day of rest, good food, loving friends and family, and gratitude...

the menu:
martha's maple glazed turkey with riesling gravy
basic cornbread stuffing casserole
cranberry stuffing (inside the bird)
basic smashed potatoes (the way stella likes them!)
candied sweet potatoes (yes, with the mini marshmallows!)
roasted asparagus
my mom's sauteed mushrooms (a holiday meal is not complete without them!)
cranberry sauce (you know, the real kind)
cranberry jelly (you can't deny the canned stuff...mmmmmmm!)
crescent rolls
sparkling grape juice (by request of stella!)

REAL pumpkin pie. yep...a real pumpkin, really roasted, pureed, spiced and baked into the PERFECT pie crust. can't wait to bite into it! (loren and i adapted from this recipe)
i think chris' mom will bring another dessert, plus ice cream for the kiddies (and the spice wafers!)

enjoy your day!


Lura said...

okay, I am so jealous of your holiday meal..I should have come to your house. We didn;t have stuffing, mushrooms or cranberry sauce...I was so disappointed.

rachel said...

sounds delicious!! and the person who was gonna make pumpkin pie for our potluck didn't, so we didn't get pumpkin pie this year!!! so sad! guess i'll have to make one for christmas :)