16 November 2007

pray for eli

tummy boy
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well...another trip to the pediatrician results in more failure to thrive. this time, eli fell off the growth chart for weight all together. we saw his GI doctor yesterday who prescribed a battery of tests: urine ph, pancreatic elastase, IgA level, and Celiac Panel, along with an upper endoscopy to be done on the 26th. i've called the nutritionist again, but can't see her until december 17th (!) but asked her to call me...as i need this to get moving a.s.a.p.

he weighs 20 lbs. 15 oz.
he's 18 months old.
he is 31 inches long.
he is developmentally at a 2+ year old level....what the heck???

he doesn't eat much at all.....
he's so sweet and smart.

please pray for him (and us).



bandwidow said...

oh, little buddy!

you're in our prayers. this next round may be the break-through melis. i know it's so hard and you feel so helpless. we'll trust that it's gonna get fixed.

Dre said...

hi there!
Hopefully these new tests will reveal something to take the mystery away!♥
just a thought have a dentist check his mouth and teeth, you never know.
I'll be thinking of little Eli!

rachel said...

we are of course praying for you guys. this is really frazzling. hopefully you will get some answers to appease your minds and the doctors. but remember that the growth charts are ...what? who invented them? they are the bell curve, they are averages...does every kid fall into them? francis barely makes the growth chart in weight, he's in the 10th percentile, and our doctor said: " i guess you just have a skinny little guy..." i think with babies they have to be more: dotting their i's and crossing their t's, but i'm hoping that in a few years they'll all just say: "yup. that's eli. he's just a skinny little guy"...