08 December 2007

priya's plaastique bagues

i was just updated with an acquaintance's latest endeavor that NEEDS to be shared!

(drawing by 'bittersweet genevieve' and copied from priya's myspace id photo)

priya is fashioning some very cute clutches and boy bags out of recycled plastic bags...thus the name, plaastique bague!

a custom design that i love ::

a mama and me style :: matchy matchy!

the boy bag :: i find myself saying constantly how eli needs a boy bag...maybe this is the one???

it is so great to see another fashionable option to recycle those plastic bags. remember july's project of the month? lura tipped us off onto the melted plastic bag craze (i don't think any of us dared, so here's a non-toxic option!!!)

i am so excited for priya and for her great bags. i wish you tons of success, priya!!!

now...go buy some handmade recycled bags!!


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