10 December 2007

weekend update...part one

the crafty side...

here's what's been happening around here:

knight dress-up capes for nephews, sons and daughters...

the valiant

(this one i made up on the fly...)

the princess (and back view...sorry, bad photo)

more eye pillows...for???

(adapted from the rice heat therapy pillows tutorial found on sew, mama, sew's blog.

tissue holders...to be added into the wellness packs

(also from a tutorial found via sew, mama, sew)

the christmas skirt

(yep, tutorial (although i changed it a bit) found you-know-where!)

meanwhile...the kiddies stayed in jammies for WAY too long!

but they were happy!

had to get these photos up...just to show y'all. more on the weekend tomorrow (hopefully)...it was very nice!!!


bandwidow said...

love seeing your kiddos!

my girl hazel said...

you're so talented! i want to see more of your sewing...you always inspire me.

Shari said...

those are great crafts, i love the cape idea!

my kids stay in their jammies a lot when we're not going out. it's comfy. :):)