25 November 2010


i am so thankful today that our God, whom we serve, has seen fit to give great gifts to me. i've had this post floating in my head for awhile, waiting for photos to accompany it...but they haven't been snapped. so it's just words...

my belly is full from a day full of delicious food.
my head is full of ideas to fill our home with more warmth and hospitality.
my heart is full with love for my family.
my life is full with gifts, divine and human. blessings, spiritual and material.

my life is full. but not stuffed. and not without room.

i get to live a ridiculous life. one where i have a husband, whom i love so dearly, and who loves me! one where i spend my days with my children, who are so creative, chatty, fun and so...indescribable. one where i get to babysit a friend's very dear daughter for a full day and see her grow and laugh and shine. one where i get to make music with many, many children every week. one where i get to watch in amazement my dear friend, who is blind, play the violin and knit socks from the toe up. one where i get to knit with motley groups of women and share life for a few hours a week. one where i get to see the effects of prayer on a twelve year old boy triumphing through brain cancer. one where i get to rest with a community of friends and believers in the grace and sovereignty of a very loving and mighty God. one where i can enjoy the many fullnesses of life.

today, i am thankful.

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